Took the cake in my mom.

Sam at Dudes has sent me a rough draft of the Triumvirate crest, and let me say, things are looking up for the gathering of three! I don’t think it’s ready to drop yet, but I know you’re all sitting at the edges of your seats in anticipation! Don’t sleep on this.

Since Tim is bringing up old Toy Machine videos, I’ll take that cue and say that checking out their second video “Heavy Metal” would also definitely be a heartwarming experience for yourself. From Kalis in there skating to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On”, Satva skating to the Police’s “Everything She Does is Magic”, ultra haphazard editing by Ed, and even a uh…pre jesus’d out Jamie T. with a lot of Love Park footage totally skating to Gloria Gaynor. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia (this is one of the first skate videos I can remember buying at a skate shop) or what, the skating didn’t create a turning point on how everyone skated like the Plan B videos or whatever, it’s just a chill, fun video that will make you want to skate.

I should also point out that Tim’s appointing of Riker as wiskate’s mascot was not of site policy. Riker sucks, AND Tim didn’t even draw that picture, I pilfered it off of some kid named Urk’s (Urkel?) super super awesome website that showcases his magnificently inept drawings. Since his site is hosted on a free webhosting service, I can’t link directly to my favorites, but here’s a couple suggestions of ones to check out: “Hicks (right) VS. Preps (left)”, “Furby Doing the Weiner Dance”, “Child’s Coming”, and “Princess Toadstool and Toad”.

Anyway, Urk’s representation of Geordi is more along the lines of a wiskate mascot!

I’m also into Platinum’s new design. The Triumvirate definitely needs more photos of dogs on our sites. We here at wiskate have been dedicated to bringing you the hottest in dog photos for awhile now, I hope the other guys can handle this call to duty, it sure is a tall order.