Hot damn has it been SLOW on the news feed here huh? Well lets try to spruce it up a bit…

I talked to Sam today. He uses lots of flashes to take pictures like this one. Good stuff! I might have some goodies for the first person to email me and tell me exactly how many flashes young Samuel used in this installment of some other man’s crazy stunt work. Sam has been worried sick lately. I don’t know why… maybe world peace has him vexed.

How come as a photographer I feel like a phy-ed teacher? … what? you don’t get it? Oh… theres an old saying that goes… “Do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that can’t teach, teach phy-ed.” Just insert some skateboarding in there and you have me. I’m a putz.

Line Rider addiction in FULL swing. Version 2 is out… stright lines and erasers and quick starts… Oh My! …. Peep it here. You tube still has the dopest of dope Line Rider vids.

Mr. Lutzka is slated for THIS WEEKEND at Cream City. You should be there. He tears the roof off the place. One man wrecking crew.

I went out last weekend or maybe it was the weekend before and shot a couple of photos… I think I said something about this before and avoiding orcs and crap. Some how I watched TLOR again this weekend. I’m weak. Hey… are Hobbits gay? Some Tolkien fan please enlighten me. Maybe the director of those flicks was just projecting… Peter Jackson? Maybe. Is that a hedgehog in that photo?

skating… back to skating… oh… yeah.. the story up above refers to this photo…

Dustin Christenson (sp?) – Old man winter holds no hands.