Urban Updaters

I try to frequent downtown somewhat regularly, but last Sunday was the most urban sk8 d8 since the last time I played the NY level in THPS 2. I have photos with a ton of dust on them to prove it:

These ledges were taller than I remember them.

Security gets bummed when they catch you raging against the machine, but that’s okay, these dudes really wanted to go to central… no, not that central.

That’s more like it. The rail became and instant party zone. Max occupancy 3. I wanted to do the longest 75ft grind of my skate career, but I didn’t wanna push it, plus someone had to take the photo, right?

Crack donuts by the dozen.

The pillars of the American justice system.

Gentle souls.

Alternate ending?


Extreme photos call for extreme laying down on ground.

Soggerston emerges in rare form.

And the day couldn’t have ended on a better note: Pizzy in a Fiero… doing neutral drops at Red Arrow.