variflex and world industries

“If you remember purchasing that first Variflex board at K-mart and then realizing it was time to step-up and get a Powell-Peralta or a Vision board from a real skateshop… Your whole thought process has now been flipped completely upside-down. Variflex announced that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with World Industries. “We are tremendously excited to be working with what is undoubtedly the most recognized name in the extreme sports industry,” Losi stated. “This exclusive licensing agreement should allow us to leverage World Industries’ loyal core customer base and to introduce the excitement of World Industries to a much wider audience with such products as skateboards, helmets, protective pads and body boards. We are already working with them to develop even more exciting product lines for introduction over the next two years,” – Jay Losi. This announcement goes great with the first run of ALMOST graphics. This whole story has too much shit to print. World Industries… Rest In Peace. Messman, Shubin, Valerio… We feel for the entire crew of heads that got lost in this fucking Globe shuffle. Mike Sonand from Globe states… “Once the decision was made to broaden our penetration in America, the decision to partner with Variflex, a leading supplier of extreme sport products to the mass market, was easy.” Fuck it all. –