Waste more money than the King of Pop

Tour videos…why? who gave these idiots permission? You can expect things like that from Baker or something but come on!! Kids, don’t waste your money on that garbage. You think your favorite company is immune? Think again…Toy Machine tour video? Ed Templeton is an awesome guy but what the fuck. “Shit guys, sales are way down and NOBODY is stupid enough to buy 411 every month, let’s do a tour video!!” That’s the kind of attitude these morons have. Have you ever seen an Aesthetics tour video? I don’t think so. There’s one place tour footage belongs, and that’s in the shitter. If you have a good trick from tour, GREAT!! Save it for the video, but spare us the stupid skatepark footage, party footage and firework launching sessions (that does include you Jeremy Klein!). Fine, party, it’s fun, we know, but do we really need to see it over and over again? Do you think kids are impressed by that type of nonsense? The answer is no. Fireworks? Yeah, maybe on the World tour in ’92 but now that shit’s about as original as Andy Mac’s contest run. Notice I did say “run”, you figure it out. It’s all so retarded. Videos should go back to being good, imagine that, a video you want to actually see!! So in short, avoid buying tour videos at all costs and NEVER touch 411 ever again!! In the meantime, find any of the Eastern Exposure videos and realize good skateboarding existed prior to you trying kickflip frontboards all day. Also, try to find some old copies of Journal skate magazine from your buddy in Philly.

Love your self two times today,