Watch Out, That Mouthpiece is Getting Salty

Old Dude Night
Best Old Dude Night in the longest time over at Cream City. Captain and Alex were going off, and Bill finally got his. Let’s start this off…

The Captain and Bill grinding up the Bulgaria bank/ledge dealie. On the left Nate bluntslides off the end. I was in extreme danger of being hit by his board, but I braved it out. On the right Bill somehow smiths the ledge and then rides back in before the end. How? No idea.

Here Ben Vance takes the road definitely less traveled. Frontside indy (if any OLDER dudes yell at me for calling it that, it might well ruin my day forever.) going up the bank.

Nate and Alex gave the new handpole a going over. I have photos of at least twenty tricks I could have chosen from, but I went with Nate doing a frontside nosegrind, or overcrook as the THPS patrons like to call it. On the right Alex does the same thing, but the backside way.

Bill always gets a little sad in his pants when he doesn’t get an Old Dude Night photo, so I made this one extra big just for him. It is his skatepark after all. Nollie backside tail up the up ledge with extra steez, kittens, and sprinkles on top.

Of course the ender has to be a wallie. Because wallies are the best. And Ben is good at them. Pollinating to save the world.

I offered a happy Thanksgiving yesterday, but here’s one today too, just because I love you all that much.

Photo of the day #49

Is is cheating if I use a photo Tim took? Whatever, we’ll call this one “The Moment of Woe and Regret and Sad Times In The Pants”. A great photo.