“We Goin’ to the Club to Get Crunk With Britney!”

See that Ms. Pac Man machine down there? Well, I pretty much rule it. If anyone wants to step, I will accept your challenge and wail all over you. No problem.

Still no internet for me. I never realized how boring being at home is when there is no cable TV or internet to keep me busy. Good thing it’s spring (or supposed to be anyway).

Not too much going on in the way of wacky skateboarding news. All the Plan B talk and a bunch of stuff about big changes over at Alien is all there is to speak of. Boring.

Have any of you seen the new Element video? I haven’t. I hear that the tiny rasta kid has the last part. What a slap in the face to all the other guys in the video. I mean, Bam has been killing it for a long time and Mike V. probably has at least 5 ender enders. I heard he bonelessed over 5 busses while The Rats (his band) laid down some power chords. Not only that, but they were all wearing Zero-Two shoes. Talk about X-treme! 5 busses! That’s like 4 more busses than last time! Wait, is Mike V. still on Element? If you ask me, I think he should resurrect TV, but instead of pairing up with Ed Templeton, he should get Andy Mac. I can see it now, TV skateboards being sold at all major department stores. Maybe Andy could help get him on Payless shoes since he’s not on Etnies anymore.
Man, Mike V. is going to fly to Milwaukee and kick my ass if he ever reads this. You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you Mike? I better get some glasses.

Did you guys see that Josh put up some new clips? Damn right. You can never have too much dirty palms footage. Ever.

Glorious narwhals.