We Hope You Enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire.

I catch a lot of heat for not updating this site anymore. Not that any of you care, but since I am sick of hearing the babies cry, I thought I might silence them for a short period with a metaphoric lullaby of sorts that will consist of a few pictorials (taken with my iPhone) from this summer. A summer that came and went way too quickly.

This summer we spent a lot of time on two wheels as well as four. Sometimes we would strap our four wheeled friends onto the two wheelers and combine the fun.

Nordness and Risser. Compare and contrast.

This summer we made some new friends and still hated our old ones. On the left is a new neighbor of the Horny House who goes by the name of Dublin (but we call him Chompy). On the right is that fucker, Gary. Gary became upset with Chompy and decided to mark his territory on our belongings. Anyone want a cat?

I wont bore you with the story of how these pictures came to be. All I can say is; go rent H.O.T.S. It will be your new favorite movie.

Now let’s get into the skating portion of the update.

I have claimed it before and I will claim it again: I am the worlds greatest iPhone skate photographer. Challenge me! Let’s see what you got.

One of the reasons I love taking skate pictures with the iPhone is it’s ability to bend and warp reality. Here max ollies his Madass.

One of the reasons I hate taking pictures with the iPhone is that when Josh is shooting with flashes, my slow shutter always captures some of his light in an annoying way. T.J. front boards as seen in the new mini video.

Most of my iPhone skate photos are of Max Murphy. That’s mainly because it’s really hard to shoot a picture of Matt Nordness switch hardflipping to willy grind. Mostly because of the glare that comes off his shoulder due to his Flashdance-esque shirts.

This is probably my favorite skate photo I took this summer. Wheel bite? Forget about it.

I’ll be back early next week with my next installment of summertime photos. Check back then, unless you’re my friend on Facebook. Then you most likely have seen all these pictures already.

In the meantime, go to the Gnarbeque this Sunday. If you like skating there, it’s a moral imperative. All proceeds go towards new pegs for the BMX’ers.

Later nerds.