When You’re Away, The Children Play

Sorry about that Chewbacca. You know it’s basically the same thing as when Mom and Dad are out of town and you invite over 10 extra people, and those people bring the keg and the sexy, sexy foriegn exchange student. Don’t scoff, it happens everyday! Anyway, a stretching of the rules, maybe even a cry for attention…

…which brings me to the power of the Triumvirate and Tim’s cry. Due to our status of “ragingly awesome”, members of the Triumvirate are included on the guestlists for secret parties where really bad, but surprisingly popular bands are playing. While there, Tim is bombarding everyone with “I miss you soooo much”, and “My tip is rubbed raw” sorts of text messages. Who needs these sort of things when you’re out living the high life!

So Tim, keep it to the minimum, there’s stuff that needs to be done here!

From Williamsburg, NYC…..