Which Area Code Has The Highest T?

Over the last few months there has been a lot of debate about which local area code has produced the most well rounded skateboarders. Well, I’m here to stoke the flames of this debate in the form of photographic evidence over the last few months. I must caution, as I’m only one man with one camera, the below evidence is not all decisive.

We will begin with area code (262)

Pat Murphy, Pivot Fakie
Vince Stranc, Switch Wallie Crook
Tavis Schulz, Wallie
Jacob Mumford, Ollie
Alex Keck, FS Nose slide

Ok, damn. Didn’t realize 262 kinda goes until I uploaded all the above photos to this post. Let’s not forget that this is an ongoing debate though! Here’s a couple photos from Brett Favres favorite area code, (920)!

Drew Rickaby, BS Smith
Sean Hanley, FS Lipslide

Now we may only have one photo for the next area code, but the man is a beast and some would say could likely push his area code to victory on his own. Below is (608)

Nick Mistele, Switch Front Board

Now it’s time to travel to a couple area codes that are near and dear to my heart. As a former FIB you could say I’m a little biased but as I’ve said before, this is a on going debate! Let’s start with someone else who is more than capable of pushing his area code to victory all by his self. (779)!

David Gackstetter, Nollie Crook

And here are a couple guys who I think may help put their area code in the running for top code, (847)!

Cory Stubing, Crook
Tyler Luth, Ollie

And as this is a website based out of Milwaukee we travel back up north to the one and only (414).

Max Murphy, Ollie
Max Murphy, FS Fence Ride

I hope you find the provided evidence helpful in this ongoing debate. Thanks for your time.