Witchcraft vs. Aircraft

I am here with another barrage of photo content.

Matt Nordness 50-50 on the wall vs. brutalist architecture.

Matt Nordness – Frontside Bluntslide.

I still think this looks like a backside 5-0, but really it’s a gap to frontside 5-0.

A gap-to again. T.J. Bohach – Gap to Backside Noselide.

LEFT: Pizzy’s facebook. RIGHT: TJ SS BS TS.

Another perfectly angular backside smith marred by unfortunate light leaks.

Matt Nordness goes over a makeshift wallie.

Certified purveyor of the gorf life.

T.J. – Switch Frontside Boardslide.

After I developed this roll of film I remember trying to explain to T.J. in detail how absolutely delighted he looks in this photo and he remarked “I was actually probably very depressed”. I don’t buy it.

LEFT: Sometimes after a day of skating non-sanctioned skatespots you have to rest on your laurels and skate something regulation size. RIGHT: Dudes helping dudes. Thirty feet later they almost made it to first base.

And one last photo from when I was in California a few months ago. Erik Switzer – Kickflip. Only serious skate photo I took. I was too busy living on the strand. If you haven’t seen them, I made two video clips of this adventure.