Ya’ll Know I’m About Ta Turn Up Fo Real

Matt, Myself and Pizzy went down to Chicago this weekend to Turn Up. We did. Below are SOME of the photos we collected while visiting our brothers to the south.

ssbstailfultondropledgewebwallride31stwebMatt Nordness, Switch Back Tail and a Wallride while a storm moves in on the city.

walliecrookfultonwebPatrick Forster, Wallie Crook. #Yourfavoriteskatersfavoriteskater

skylinechiwebHere’s some extra bonus Milwaukee Gifs and a Jpeg!

hardflipfrontnosesskfbstsDrew Rickaby, Turning up real hard with a Hardflip Front Nose and a Switch Kickflip Back Tail

Matt Nordness, Bs Tailslide