“Your Tauntaun Will Freeze Before You Reach The First Marker!”

I like updating on Tuesday nights (Wednesday mornings?). I usually have a lot of great photos from the weekend events not to mention the skating that happens at Cream City on Tuesday nights. Today you’re going to get a photo extravaganza. Hold on to your pants, things might get weird.

As some of you might know, last Friday was my 35th birthday and it was really fun for once (my b-days usually suck). We went to get Mongolian barbecue, drank Mad Dog, skated the Murder Barn and then relaxed in the hot tub. Hell, I’ll just put up some pics for you illiterate fucks.

Lord Cru altered his shirt as my birthday present and I couldn’t have been happier. And by the picture you can tell he’s quite “happy” himself. On the right, Josh “hollas” at Old Nick. Did anyone mention the fact that Nick wouldn’t eat pork rinds? That’s a scary thought.

This place is really fun. Everyone gets really hyped to skate and drink cheap beer and rage. You can’t tell by the picture, but that ramp is not easy to skate.

Josh can do blunts on it though. When you fall you go straight to the flat and it hurts. Lucas takes care of making sure people don’t get out of line and comes strapped with his weapon of choice.

Where was Lucas with the machete when this was going down? Stemper needed a little calming down. That’s what the Hypnotic will do to you! The picture on the right has nothing to do with anything, but I just love it so that’s why you’re looking it now.

Tonight at Cream City, Josh and Will rigged up a little treat for everyone to enjoy. Lets call it the Rainbow. Rainbows are magic and make everyone happy. Here is a picture of Josh looking for his pot of gold.

Half of the bowl is done and construction on the other half has begun. It’s pretty much perfect and even has some secrets like in a level of Zelda. Since they needed to tear down some of the ramp to start on the corners, it left a Bam-esque style drop in for Stemper to tackle.

Now who’s your hero? Viva La Stemp!

I don’t know that any of you younger kids are going to care about this (as if you care what I did on my birthday), but Milwaukee native and Beer City pro; Tim Kulas sent me this clip which is sort of a pseudo-documentary about the bowl he built in his backyard. Tim is a really good guy and I wish him and his family the best for their move and new bowl. Enjoy the clip.

Later nerds.