1 gater 2 bags of funyuns and a xtreme thing

I know all of you kids miss the 3 pics and a pat and thats why I’m gonna give you more. Well, the first pic I have for you is a dream pic. We all have are dreams. It could be a dream about being in a sandwich with pamela anderson and anna nicole or it could be catching this fucking lunker. I like lunkers and after this guy got off my lap I guarantee you will find a wet spot.

Thats right, a wet lap from a 54 inch 44 lbs. lunky!
What I got for you next is a dangerous sitch. Once that guy is locked on to your nasal cavity it’s time to call it a day.

I got to get at least one picture of skateboarding in here since it is kinda a skateboarding website. This one is of the famous Al Partanen at the famous Turf skatepark. So damn good!

I remember a couple years ago when all Pat would wear was those mesh caps. This was long before Ashton was wearing them. He always did this cool thing where he would take the brim and bend it up. I thought that was So Gangsta!

O yea!
Go HERE for the best skatepark ever!