Internet Proletariat

Well what do you know? Another day of three pics and a Pat?!? Might as well!

I haven’t mentioned how Wonky has been doing lately. I’m glad to report that she is doing great. This picture is a bit old, since she’s going coneless for spring now. She’s putting almost full weight on her new leg now, and should be back up to full wonking potential in a month or two. Great job, Wonk! Her cousin Amelia got a double knee surgery today, so now you can take Wonky out of your nightly prayers and give Amelia some airtime.

Fuck Kinkos, just call Irving.

This is my favorite painting at the Milwaukee Art Museum. For real.

And what you’ve all been waiting for:

Today you get a 2fer! Pizzy and Gary!! Mrreeeeeeeowwwwww!!!!!