11 Fury’s in 3 Days.

Josh told you all about our power going out, so I’m not even going to apologize about missing my update yesterday.

Last night was another action packed “Old Dude Night” over there at Cream City. Tons of people there last night and a good amount of them were old(ish). Lord Cru made it out and so did Big Pete if only for a short time. Instead of giving you a play by play description of all the tricks that went down, I am going to put up some photos and take the easy way out of this.

Last night was a night filled with footplants. Footplants are contageous like yawning except you’re not tired or bored. It’s just that when one person does one, everyone gets in the spirit and starts planting their feet on everything.

I had the great pleasure of shooting a few photos with everyones favorite uncle – Bill Kaschner. On the left is a textbook 5-0 to fakie and on the right is one of his amazing backside flips. I have seen Will skating around Milwaukee since he was about 15 years old and it’s great to see him out there now and still killing it on a daily basis.

Oh look, more footplants. Josh again with a cretin hop on the left and a backside boneless on the right. It seemed as though the ollie was never invented.

What the shit? When I got to the park last night, I was happy to see Jack Richardson made the drive from Madison to plant his foot mid pop shove-it on the picnic table. That kid has ridiculous pop and this is the icing on the footplant cake.

Thanks to these dudes for making it all happen and allowing us old dudes to have a place to age peacefully.