Welcome, latest news from the Päwl Corporation is that the originals and duplicates have been eliminating one another. These two factions will eventually come to peace…or not. Only time will tell. Check the microfiche…

Previous installments: 3, 3.1

1: Max Murphy 2: Vince Stranc Ph: Bradford Bishop
Sean Hanley or his duplicate?, kflip wallride ph: Bradford Bishop
Taylor Lalk, an original 1? ph: Bradford Bishop
Payne Counihan, he teleported from Milwaukee to Philly to UWM to fight the 2 resistance. ph: Nick Mistele
Vince Stranc, they couldn’t duplicate him… ph: Bradford Bishop
Gabe and Max reviewing the evidence, “THEY are watching”. Surveillance ph: Josh Ellis
Guerilla filmmaking is the only way to document the duplicates and originals, Max. Surveillance ph: Josh Ellis
Gabe Chan sw crooks through geometry wars ph: Bradford Bishop