Mini Video 95 – Bodywork

Not since Mini Video 3.1 in 1999 has a Mini Video corresponded to a major Windows release. What does it all mean?

Shot on Hi8, Winter/Spring 2022.

Starring: Max Murphy, Josh Ellis, Vince Stranc, Nick Mistele, Taylor Lalk, Payne Counihan, Gabe Chan, James Brickner, Bradford Bishop, Pat Forster, & Sean Hanley.

Filmed by: Josh Ellis and Hank Scorsese.

Production stills by Bradford Bishop:

Max Murphy – 50-50
Max Murphy – 50-50
Max Murphy – 50-50
Taylor Lalk – Lipslide
“Awww man, my favorite belt”
Chainer navigates the dystopian wastelands of today and tomorrow.
Crewed up at the “Pile of Fuck”.
Vince Stranc – 180 to Fakie 5-0