19 and Life

During early pandemic I had captured many of my ancient Hi8 and Digital 8 tapes and made short videos for the Instagram. I never posted any on the site. (Suprise?). This one features a lot of early wiskate.com content, so if I’m going to bother, this should be it.

Feat Vance, Bunch, and the Lutz. 2002. The audio was out of sync due to the daisy chain of devices needed to capture the old tapes. It was too much work to fix it. Most of these skate spots no longer exist.

Jon Bunch, slightly anachronistically presented doing this backside 180. From 2003, I believe.

Bonus! Here’s an even older one. Late 90s. Lots of slams, not many tricks. A lot of these spots still exist. I’d even claim the city looks exactly the same. What does it mean?

The freeway to nowhere. Now the location of “Scott Walkers’ Penis”.