211 Steel Reserve “Liquid Crack”

Throughout history a perilous fate awaited many first time wiskate posters. There have been many that have posted a mere one time and then disappeared into the wispy darkness of space and time (pictured below). I’m glad to see that our two new buddies Risser and Pizzy have both made it past that ill fated first mile stone and have come through with their triumphant second appearances. Thanks guys!

The fate that befell many previous first time wiskate journalists.

Moving on, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I’m glad to say that it was a good one. Here are some pictures, featuring 4% skateboarding content. Sorry. But thanks much for the great day to everyone involved!

It all started at Cactus Club where Russ and I were Djing.

The next morning after a great Chinese buffet lunch and a trinket buying experience at American Science and Surplus we took it over to the beach.