Super Careful

Hey guys, it’s been a minute. Sorry about the lack of attention, but do you really deserve it anyway?

We have been skating a lot lately, and I am really surprised at the amount of new and good stuff we have been finding to shred. The crews have been random and solid as well. Even Nordnis has been getting out there with us on our weekend missions and has been logging some good footage (which you may or may not see before 2009).

Hey, did you jerks see the new STUCK mag? Couple of photos from Josh and Sean Drews up in there. Pick one up at Phase II, rip out the photo of me, hang it on your wall and throw darts at it, beat off to it or just admire the pretty colors after having a nice long conversation with Hank.

Speaking of pretty colors, check this picture I took of Nordictrack;

Back smith into the bank. Beautiful skies. Great spot.

Wonky (aka Molly), loves going out to Cream City with us for old dude night. Mostly because she gets to stick her face out the window and enjoy the summer air during the drive. Not many more of those summer days left, so make sure to get out there after school or work and use the time wisely. I know I will.

Later nerds.