The Sky People have sent Max Murphy, Gabe Chan, Sean Hanley, Nick Mistele, Drew Rickaby, David Gackstetter, John Rockafellow, Mikey Al Wathiqui, Pat Forster, Eric Risser, Cory Stubing, Vince Stranc, Taylor Lalk, Spazz, Bradford Bishop, and Jimmy Brickner to observe, research, and collect data from different dimensions through space and time.  This is what they found on their third mission which is believed to be the year 2020.

Production stills below.  All shot by Bradford Bishop.

Gabe, on the set.

Nick Mistele – Switch Frontside Crooked Grind

Max Murphy – Autumn Breeze Frontside Blunt

Sean Hanely – Risky Wallride

Nick Mistele – Backside Ollie

Max Murphy – Boban Assisted Tailslide

Drew Rickaby – Backside 180 Nosegrind

Chase Hopper – Nosegrind

Drew Rickaby – Switch Frontside Noseslide

Sean Hanley – Backside Tailslide