Rewind: Mini Video 38 – Entertain Me

Mini Video 38 – Entertain Me from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

Originally posted May 10, 2007.

This is a biggie!  I think this is when we finally hit our stride, and for lack of a better term, the “classic” wiskate video was born.  I’d rank this one in the top 5.  Kind of silly, kind of serious, great cast of characters, and the song rips!  A recipe for success.

This time we have some photos from the sessions shown in the video! Pat Forster, Smith Grind. I feel like this was a bumper year for tipped over light poles. It seems like you only come across a specimen of nature’s answer to a flatbar one, maybe two times a decade. We had a few to skate that year, and it was lovely.
Pizzy Burnquist backside tails some natural transition. I’m pretty sure this was the first and only time this spot was skated. The building doesn’t exist anymore.
Same session, Gabe Chan post spaghetti switch tailslide. The food was from the diner “Riverbrook” on Capital. I’ve never seen a bigger and more varied menu. Tacos, Gyros, Ham, Turkey, White Russians, Gelato, Pizza didn’t matter, they had it. The menu was like a road atlas and every single thing was meidcore. It was great. RIP Riverbrook.
If we weren’t grilling, we were at a diner. Ben and Neal at the Omega Burger. I’m fairly certain this is the day that Ben uttered the immortal phrase “Pizzy’s Ball Hitch”. We were looking over a fence at some sort of undetermined industrial apparatus and those beautiful words spilled from his mouth without a thought put into them. Poetry in motion, unfiltered, true.
“Grasstoro”! This spot (?) was a long ass handrail jammed into the grass at an abandoned car dealership. I know we’re used to seeing these sort of things nowadays, but it was incredible when TJ pretty easily 5-0d the thing.
We rolled deep. We still do, but we did then too.
I already told you…grilling, or diners.
James at the Murder Barn. This is the same ramp that is now known as The Couch. There was a hot tub at this location that a goat was once in. I feel like that doesn’t happen that often in the world.
NOS Peregrine mags for only $65??? Things were different in 2007.
The artistic evolution of Gabe with MD 20/20 after a night at the Murder Barn.
Danny, slappy 50-50. I pulled this goofy thing off a building in Riverwest.
Russ and James, IN A DINER. Got it?