40 years old and still skanking.

Three days ago wiskate.com had its eight year anniversary. This year I remembered, I was just too lazy to do anything about it. Is this how all long relationships are?? Maybe I should never get married after all.

Let’s check out what the site looked like over the years…

I’m sure not many of you will remember this design. Look at how few hits the site had, only 54,000! Anyway, this was a weird time for skateboarding on the internet. There were very few sites that had skateboarding video clips available for download, so traffic to the site grew very quickly. I think during this period I even had some clips available from the old Plan B videos and things like that. That really helped the growth. Every once in awhile I’ll still find some of those clips lurking on youtube or somesuch. Makes me laugh everything. But that logo, christ, what was I thinking?

This is what the site looked like in 2001 (aka the jizz logo phase) when it was at the height of its popularity. It wasn’t weird for it to get more than 5,000 visitors in one day. That’s also what got us kicked off of our host, and I think the site was even down for awhile. Before that happened though, I would update the site every single day with a new video clip. What an odd concept. It’s all downhill from here…

The orange phase. This was about when I decided that I would instead of putting on the internet all the footage that I took all that time and effort to film, I would make a real life honest to god video instead. We all know how that turned out. This is obviously when the video clips drastically slowed down.

This is the design I was going to use after the orange phase. The message board had gotten pretty popular at this point, and holy goddamn were most of the people that used it ridiculously stupid. I got so bummed on them that I came up with this design, but it kind of slowly morphed into the current design. The original goal with this and the current design was to annoy everyone with the ridiculous layout. I hate them both a lot, and it even annoys me, so I guess: mission accomplished!

What does the future hold? The same site design for three and half more years? Who knows. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had a new one mostly done for quite some time. I hope to finish it sometime, but we’ll see. Party on dudes.