I told Josh today that I was disappointed that he didn’t originally ad a Gary picture to his post. I love cats… and Gary… what a fuckin’ cat. So I figured I’d better throw my cat into the ring as well. This is Ezra… he’a real bastard. Knocks shit over in the middle of night, meows at you at the worst times… like when you’re pooping and of course he stands on top of you when you go to bed. You can’t fall asleep with a cat pawing you in the face.

Fuckin’ Ezra!

Skateboarding? Is this a skate site? … I tried to shoot some photos with this kid. Thats Noah Staller for all you sleepers. He’s a weirdo! But I love him. He uses all kinds of props in his photos… and that makes things exciting for me. For example…

Here he has a cane! Why… I don’t know. But he loves this cane. He thinks it’s funny. What he didn’t account for is Karma. Yes, Karma didn’t think this was funny. On Sunday… when it was like 50 degrees and you all were out skating different spots, Noah once again pulled out the cane, and proceeded to poke Karma in the eye with it. Karma was enraged, cried for a bit (Cause getting poked in the eye hurts! Just ask these guys.) and then she decided to make Noah pay. He caught his heels on a itty bitty red rail and hip checked like Whoa! The skating was over… and ironically… Karma laughed cause Noah now USED the cane to walk his ass back to the car. You think I’m joking? I have pictures. Just not here… now… with me. I’ll post ’em later.

Happy Holidays!

Who’s your Gary?