A Bootleg Copy of Leprechaun 2 and a Crack Pipe (Part 1)

A little “weekend update”?? Let’s get started.

Friday night was a visit to the ‘ol ‘ol. Lord Cru and I tried to mix up the adventures by declaring it wacky hat night and then telling no one else about it. I rocked my $3 from Wal Mart safari-esque hat, and Cru went with the $1 from a rummage sale Left Eye from TLC hat. Too bad Cru was a total pussy and wore the hat for like two minutes and then took it off while crying about being too scared to be a kook. Talk about blowing it, check out how good he looks on the left! On the right, we had Rog from What’s Happening make an appearance.

Here’s my stupid hat I dutifully wore all night, but I think that I owned it. A bunch of people told me they liked my hat, which I’m not sure is good or bad. Gabe went out to his car, found a hat, and joined in the stupid hat menagerie like a true friend would. He later left the bar, drove halfway back to Chicago, and then after a mandatory White Castle visit at 3am, decided to drive all the way back to Milwaukee so he could skate with us the next day. That’s what we call dedication.

Saturday morning arrived sooner than later and it was virtually perfect outside. Everyone rolled up to the Horny House and got geared up. Cru even wore his good bustier to celebrate the amazing weather.

Here’s a little overview of the posse. People came and went all day, so the group was an ever changing mass of man soup that constantly changed frequencies like the Enterprise’s shields fending off an attack by the Borg. There was a whole lot of rolling six men deep in the Accord this weekend. In case you didn’t know, if you’ve known someone longer than a year it’s not gay.

This is where we changed gears and the day became all about Tim. I think it was because it was just his birthday, or something. He got a photo and footage at pretty much every spot we went to. What a happy boy!

At the first spot of the day, straight out of the car, Tim got this no comply pole jam. This spot gets my vote for the new daily crew warm up spot. On the right Tim takes the handplant wallride to fakie to new heights. This would pretty much be one of the best spots ever. That is, if the ground wasn’t basically made of gravel. But that’s how things always go, isn’t it?

I have so many pictures that I’ll have to split this into two parts. Part two coming soon!