A Bootleg Copy of Leprechaun 2 and a Crack Pipe (Part 2)

More weekend fun.

Let’s start this right where we left off…more pictures of Tim skating. On the left Tim took my idea of the “steering wheel wallride” to new heights. It totally looks like he isn’t going to land it in this picture, but land it he did. I promise. On the right is a golden hour bean plant off a rock. I hope he doesn’t get vibed for skating a rock.

After an entire day of the Tim horniness frenzy, it was time for some fine dining. Grilled cheese and mashed potatos are a surprisingly good combo. Especially when they are lit with some golden hour sunlight. As we were eating, Vance randomly skated up. Neal and Vance were roomates awhile back in San Francisco and had a nice little unexpected homecoming. Look at how happy they are!

Speaking of homecoming, this piece is entitled “The Meeting of the Scabs”.

Tim took both of these photos, but since he did it with my camera I guess I get to post them. I set up the flash and camera settings for him, so I guess you can blame the totally blown out highlights and so-so exposure on me. It was a collab, if you will. Magna x Sanji. These wacky hippie jumps are a treatise about the sexualization of women in the media. Get it?

This photo is from Sunday. The crew was even larger, we skated way longer at more spots, yet I somehow took only about five photos. Even The Carn, Jazzercise, and the Zone were up from Illinois. I suppose I was concentrating more on the filming than the photo taking. It’s hard to do both sometimes.

Basically to sum things up, Carn complained a lot about my tour of “the worst spots ever”, we found an abandoned backpack that contained a bootleg copy of Leprechaun 2 and a crack pipe, and the Zone went off. But that’s not unusual. The Zone going off, not finding Leprechaun 2 and a crack pipe. We finished off the amazing day skating downtown and finding out that some very old spots now have a new and exciting twist to them. Fantastic!

At least I did get to meet Wonky 2. And arrived home to a very drunk and excited Tim totally raging. I forgot to mention that he did too many wallrides on Saturday, so he and Neal took Sunday off to drink. An acceptable trade off.

Should I mention that the bowl is pretty much done at Cream City without having a photo of it to post? Should I mention that it’s fucking insane and old dudes from far and wide should surely be making a trip to skate it as soon as possible? No, I wouldn’t do that.