A Nation of Millions Can’t Hold Us Back…

I see in my absense Dom has been trying to pull some sort of trickery on the Triumvirate. It’s all quite similar to that rotten apple of a sensei for the Cobra Kai telling that feathered hair dude to “Sweep the Leg”. Giving us heat on the message board? Is that even possible? Does anyone over 15 even use message boards? I’m very skeptical of this all.

In other news, while Tim was meeting and greeting with the O.G. Birdsesh, this side of 1/3 of the Triumvirate was furthur expanding our social powers with a very powerful sighting of 80’s drag queen sensation, Boy George, at the Stereo Art show. His pink sweat pants sent shivers down my spine! Karma Chameleon, you really do come and go!

Time to go skate, busters!