I Married Beer. Memoirs From the Life of John McGuire.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attacking many beers in the company of an old chum named John McGuire. Most of you young bucks may not know of this mystical being from the land of skateboard dreams, but he once resided in Milwaukee and was a fixture at Phase II and the Conduit of Peril. He now works for Jamie Thomas manufacturing skulls and other spooky skateboard items at Zero.
Here we are discussing penis curb and Ave Bunachita.

John filled me in on some intersting stuff, but I am not sure if I can divulge info like Justin Strubing quitting Foundation or Mark Hostetter landing the leap of faith on a piece of toast on a chain.

Anyway, the triumvirate is raging on in the midwest as well as in N.Y. despite [link=http://www.mnskateboarder.com]Dom’s[/link] claims that his weak message board is somehow keeping us down. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, Dom.