Academic x-mas parties are totally rad

I’m done with all my power point presentations for the semester!!!!! :laughing:

So I survived the christmas party..with significant help from my friends Peter and Dezire..thanks guys :tongue: It was pretty much as expected, but Peter got the weirdo and I got…well…the beer. There was a buffet style dinner with triangles of fried cheese. I myself do not indulge in such carnal pleasures, but they seemed to be a hit with the crowd. Even Peter who made it a point to knock the cheese upon seeing it, found himself enjoying a small platter of the finest cheese that fits into a right angle. I don’t suppose the beer had anything to do with it.

My problems really aren’t as deep as my comrades, but that didn’t stop me from contemplating slamming a bottle of absinthe and opening up the old lines last night…it sucked really bad. The good news is, I don’t hate sub-sandwiches as much as I may have let on.

In the next 18 hours, I have to complete a 10-15 pg. paper . It’s not all that bad, because the professor I have to give it to lives accross the street. After that, it’s one more smallish assignment that I’m planning on finishing tomorrow and I’m done! Too bad I can’t really get wildly out of control on Thursday or Friday, as Mrs. Lord Cru needs to watched in case she chokes on blood and dies in her sleep. Although that sounds very Addams Family, it would not be rad.