“I Want To Love You, But I’m Too Busy Fighting These Nebulous Bees”

An old friend is sick. She hasn’t been able to see for months. I just visited her, just to hear her sounds. To hear the pre eating pellets theme. Ms. Pac, I miss you so much, I promise I will fix your monitor soon. Please forgive me.

Steve, I am pretty disappointed with your lackluster celebrity sighting reports. You haven’t seen any?? Well jesus, you’re obviously not going to the right parties then! Get out there man!!

Tim, you’re quiting skating? I’m kicking you in the balls.

Cru, you’re almost there buddy, just keep the balls to the wall. I think I saw a shirt that said something like that once. I hope I at least embodied the spirit of it. There was probably an eagle on it.

The ebay selling is going well. Good thing I used mostly ‘buy it nows’, because it snowed again today and I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to make it home. I need those tires soon!

Art showing!

Remeber that art showing from a few weeks ago?? Firecracker Studios in Madison. Here are some photos finally. Starting from the top down, Tim eating an Onion before hand so he “didn’t have to talk to anyone”, two rows of Tim’s stuff, the deck wall, the infamous vag deck, and scary face eating. It was a good night. The show is still running, so try to make it out there if you can.

I also noticed these photo updates look a little messed up in Internet Explorer. My fix? Use Firefox.