Adult Education

Tim wasn’t lying, he’s indeed going to Mega Quest. I just saw him walk out the door with my own eyes. Where does that leave me? Sitting here on a Saturday morning, listening to Hall & Oates, and bailing just a little bit of water out of a sinking ship. At least I think Gabe is coming up to this land of malcontent and we’ll try to do a little skateboarding sometime later today. Until then, I’m not left with much. It’s snowing out, it’s cold, and I’m stuck on Guitar Hero 2. Maybe a new mini vid? That sounds like way too much productivity. Finish the Beez 3 intro? I really should. At least I pretty much have everything done for Tim and I’s art show next Friday. You should all come.

Here’s some photos:

Stemper is getting all the coverage here. Tim is right, someone needs to send him a set of wheels or something. Anyway, here he is with an ollie to wallride over the euro gap on the super slippery wall. Dude ate it a few times, but rode away victorious.

Gabe didn’t land this christ air wallplant, but he should have.

Bill landed this varial heel a bunch of times, but I kept messing up the photo. I can be a jerk like that sometimes.

All those photos are, of course, from your friendly neighborhood Cream City Skatepark. I’d also like to give a shout out to Sam Mcguire, ex triumvirate participant, for saying such great things about Cream City on his blog. “Cream City is the best park i’ve ever been to.” Indeed. Those of you not skating there, like everyday, are quite clearly totally blowing it.

Bonus pictures!:

Gabe and the mafia wife. You see, Gabe loves to give nicknames to every character we see, skating, at bars, whatever. The second he saw this young(?) lady he dubbed thee “Mafia Wife!” and then insisted I take his picture with her. She was a little shy at first but then obviously warmed up quite a bit. He also asked the girl she was with “Is your friend Italian?” and she replied “Yes! How did you know??”.

Some spaceship in the snow or something.