Alize and Marvin Gaye

Top Shop day 2 and 3. I didn’t take too many photos during the day for some reason. It was the worst outside, snowing and whatnot. Danny and TJ skated that day and they both did pretty good. Anyway, these pictures start at night after the contest was over and party night was beginning.

Bill is not a flying fetus, but he still got some moves in the bowl. Smith Grind the deep end.

Random line up of Nesser, Norris, Munz, Bill, and a mystery dude.

Creature sponsored one of the best ideas. Beer bong and launch ramp contest. The whole deal was you had to beer bong and then hit the launch ramp within 30 seconds. Whoever had the sickest launch without barfing won something. I’m not sure what. Even flying babies were taking beer bongs. So sick. Above, check out the differences in Chase’s and Stemper’s bonging styles. Chase is so animalistic…eye of the tiger. Stemper is cool as can be, just enjoying the brew.

I don’t remember who won, or whatever, but there were some definite best rides of the day in there.

Munz and the Mint Tingler, TLC style.

I think Troy and Sean were yelling at the Flying Fetus here. No one likes the Flying Fetus.

Munz actually kind of gives me a vibe of the Troy of Minneapolis. I know it’s a huge claim, but I think the dude might have what it takes. I think he was just telling us a beautiful unprintable story at this juncture in time.

This is obviously the next day. Troy with a melon over the hip in the outside bowl. I think he ate shit on this go. He did it next try very careful and unstemper like.

Pizz getting tizz.

All in all, a great trip. A big thanks to Third Lair, Sam McGuire, and The Plat for all the Minneapolis great times. Cho ass!!

I think Cream City got 18th or so. Not bad figuring a team member got wasted and nude the night before his run and had his hog photographed.