Cho Ass

We recently traveled to lovely Minneapolis for the 2008 Top Shop skateboarding contest at the third lair. These following photos cover day one of the journey.

The backseat of the ride. Arranged by age.

We climbed some mountains on the way there.

Shit was tite until we realized we were covered in ticks. Thirty minutes down the road from the stop Bill captured one of those critters mere inches away from latching onto his balls. Two days later Pizzy was just sitting there and one was just randomly crawling on his chest. Sick.

We finally made it to the contest and I think Max skated that night. More importantly: Party Bus!

This was the last photo from the night. I don’t remember it, and I don’t know what’s happening in it, but needless to say, shit is tite.

It was a great night. Kicking it with the Minneapolis guys was a definite plus. More soon.