All Good Things…..

4 PM. (3:30. I have to get off this damn computer)

Well, it was fun. Alot has happened since 9 am. We laughed, complained, made new friends and even had some tender moments. We learned that Grimace isn’t as simple as he seems and that MP3’s are over. We also found out that kids like the message board a little too much and don’t like the site.

I couldn’t have done it with out the help of a few people. First off I would like to thank God. Without his guidance I would never have gotten out of bed today. Thanks, G. Second, I have to give props to my manager and friend Josh Ellis. His inspiration and motivation kept me in the game for the last 6 hours. Good lookin’ out, kid. I would also like to give thanks to the kid that whined about the site. Without him, I would have had to think of someone to make fun of on my own. And last but not least, thanks go out to John McGuire. He added the icing to make this cake a winner.

And finally, thanks to everyone that read along with the updates. Without you guys we would be nothing more than meaningless shit.

Until next time.

Love you guys!