Passing The Torch……

3 PM.

John McGuire co-stars in this edition of my hourly post……..

Catch phrases – so hot right now, mugatoo. You knew that was coming. Well anyway, catchphrases are all the rage right now if you haven’t noticed. D. Trump with “You’re fired”. Paris Hilton and “That’s hot”. Arnold Swartzenegger mumbling “I’ll be back”. Jerry McGuire has “Show me the money”. Master P – “Make ’em say UHHHHH”. “Where’s the beef”, “Let’s get ready to rumble”, “Charlie Murphy’s cookin’ Johnsonville brats” – you get the idea.
Well, if you don’t have a catchphrase, you’re about as useful as a barnacle on a whale’s beanbag. I haven’t really decided what mine is yet, but I’m fairly confident that it’s going to super “cutting edge”, “totally great”, “donkey waffles” or “velveeta melts better than cheddar”. Anyway, I’ve got little time to think of a really great one so I though we’d make a Wiskate challenge.

Email your ideas for a catch phrase to Tim. The winner will win a hybrid Toyota Prius, a signed Balki Bartokamous 8×10 glossy and a trip for two to beautiful Lake Titticaca. Oh, and a signed Jamie Thomas deck.

Seacrest out.

Thanks, John.
Well there you have it. Think of a good one and mail it to me. I am not sure about the Toyota or the trip, but maybe the Jamie Thomas deck and the 8×10 glossy from Perfect Strangers could be yours.

One more post to go! Who said it couldn’t be done?