Amish are rockin’

I pretty much have NOTHING to contribute at this point. I’m a bump on a log. It snowed again. I’m very happy… my chats to the snow gods have been heard. I know that the rest of you are pissed off or unhappy, but this is Wisconsin for Christ sakes! 50 degrees in January? Ugh.

Some of our fellow bros are down at Tampa Am. Good luck men.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the Skatepark of Tampa website for up to the minute… or day… updates on the goings on at this prestigious event. Who knows… maybe a local Wisco rider will come away with it.

In other news now that Agroism is back in order fellow photo nerds in the wisco area are uniting. Both Risser and Drews are on there, go out and peep ’em when the galleries get runnin’ it’s gonna be HOT HOT HOT. If only we could get Josh to join in on our trip to photo nerds-ville.

Speaking of Josh not liking stuff… he hates sports… But I want to know how he can posibly hate sports when it gives us great stories like this… A man posted an ad on Craig’s List in Chicago looking to possibly give up his terrific tickets in exchange for goods… it reads as follows…

“I have 2 GREAT sideline seats to Sunday’s NFC Championship game, I am looking to trade for any of the following: Upper body laser hair removal (4-5 treatments), a dilated eye exam with Lasik surgery, minor stomach area liposuction, a 50″ (or bigger) LCD DLP big screen TV, bathroom and kitchen remodeling (parts and labor), or . . . you name it … of equal value . . . but it better be good!”

I’m gonna take a moment to just make a list of his demands once again…

Upper body laser hair removal (4-5 treatments)
a dilated eye exam with Lasik surgery
minor stomach area liposuction
a 50″ (or bigger) LCD DLP big screen TV
bathroom and kitchen remodeling (parts and labor)
Something good.

In summary… it looks as though our poster is hairy, fat, blind, spends alot of time in front of his TV and has a terribly bad TV and Kitchen. I would have to say that the guy probably looks like this… who’d settle for something good… maybe a date with this woman? She looks to be just as large. Turns out that this guy looks like he’s gonna get his trade.

In other skateboard news… the blokes over at Panasonic have a video contest going… “Share the Air“. Looks like the winner gets a $16,000 HD video camera… aka camcorder for all you old school cats. Seems like a bargain given that every skate rat in the WORLD has a little hand held. Better get to the editing station. And while your at it… make sure that it’s better than the kids from Minnesota. They threw together a hot video featuring epic scenery, horses, love and a mini-ramp. Almost sounds like Brokeback. Too bad these dudes are Amish. Go check it out!