Arabian Meat.

Holy smokes, it’s been a while. Have you missed me? What’s been going on? Does anyone even look at this thing anymore? I’m back and it’s great to be here.

So much has gone down since I’ve last updated that I don’t know where to begin. A few really memorable days stick out in my head, so I will go with that.

Lets talk about Morrissey. I have been listening to him croon since the mid eighties, but have never had the pleasure of seeing him live and in full cocky-ness until a couple of weeks ago. He still looks great and sounds as good or better than he did 25 years ago. He obviously is old and fat, but let me tell you, that did not stop him from taking off his shirt and still had the ladies (and dudes) swooning. I wish I had some pictures to show you non-readers, but of course it was no cameras allowed. Just go to google image search and look for yourself.

About a week before the Morrissey show, I had the pleasure of watching Stemper and T.J. session what is known as “grass toro”. They were both going for it and both got the job done as you probably remember from Josh’s last mini-video. I took some pictures and finally got my photoshop working again so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Danny was charging up this rail with a regular boardslide, which to me seems like the hardest thing to do down that thing. He then went for some lipslides and ended up serving himself up some hand wounds. Good form on that boardslide, Dan.

T.J.’s 5-0 was pretty much the best thing I have seen done so far this year. He sat up there and just rode it out like second or third try. He took a few bails trying the feeble grind and then ollied over a bush for fun later on. Dude is killing it right now. Good things will happen for him in the future if I have any say in it.

As far as things go on the home front, Wii bowling is still the best game ever made, Gary is still a fucker, Josh still loves Star Trek Voyager (and now DOG the bounty hunter), I am still skating and Cream City is still the best park ever built.

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Later nerds.