Are Cats Members of the Skunk Family?

It looks like my weekly update is the only thing going on the on the site lately. It just seems like that much hasn’t been going on. In fact, I was too busy/unmotivated to even get a single skate photo this past weekend. Not for the lack of trying, but it didn’t happen. Sadlerfest was going on the entire weekend though, and that’s not something for one to complain about.

Six wheeled amphibious vehicles and indians on mini ramps? Might as well. As far as I know no one jumped the Huffy mountain bike naked into the pond this year, but I’m not privy to everything that happened. All I know is that Pizzy was very horny for the mini ramp and that my dog hates fireworks.

Otherwise I pretty much just have some Old Dude Night photos. Enjoy, or not.

Jeff Chase is still in town building stuff at the park for skateboarding on. He landed this backside smith first try after I got the camera out and hadn’t really got the flash where I wanted it to be. What can you do?

Danny Stemper with a kickflip to frontside pivot on the steep bank. Tim claims it was the best trick he’d ever seen done on that thing. I’ll have to agree.

Ben Vance got in on the action with a backside flip.

This is one of the new things they’ve built at the park. Quite an improvement on the fun level of the area. Bill Kaschner nollie backside tailslides on his personal playground. That could also be a euphamism for his sexual areas. If you want.

Rock and Stemper weren’t too impressed with Bill’s steez levels though.

Maybe next week there will be two updates.