Guyliner, Get Out of My Dreams.

Summer skies and panty raid nights. I’m not sure why this summer has not been retardedly hot and virtually perfect weather wise, but I’m just going with it. I’m sure it has something to do with magic. Magical magic.

We went camping last weekend to celebrate Skateboard P’s birthday. We arrived at Bloody Lake to a great surprise: Larpers/Civil War Reenactors had set up shop in the field next to us. Our “Modern” camp was invaded by some of the younger larpers and one was a young boy wearing nothing but a loin cloth. He looked very nervous and I heard him say “They’re looking at us…” in a very sad way.

The man of the hour on the left, and the man of every hour on the right. A couple of the best dudes ever.

It was very romantic ’round the campfire.

Later I was full of drink and decided to wander around and take photos of the sky. Good job, me.

I ate a haunted brat or something, so Saturday was pretty much a wash. Hours of laying on the couch and watching the World Series of Pop Culture. Later, we did make it to the “All Night Flea Market” though. By all night, they mean midnight, but whatever. I saw one guy selling a Hitler Youth dagger and another lady trying to sell a copy of Thriller for $25. Can’t go wrong with the All Night Flea Market.

Sunday we met up with a few guys from Madison. They wanted to go to all the spots that we never go to, but whatever, it was fun. The excitement of skating “real spots” even sparked Pizzy off and he did this frontside no comply off the second most played out skatespot in Milwaukee. Check the steez on his front foot! Dude’s coming up soon, for sure.

Vance met up with us a little later on and he switch backside 180’d at a spot where a mailbox was once thrown at me. It’s not so often that a loose mailbox is hucked through the air and hits you in the ribs, so it’s something that you’ll always remember. You always remember your firsts, after all. This time we made it out of there mailbox free, but at the next spot we were threatened with a baseball bat with an added promise of “next time I’m bringing out my gun”. I’m not sure what makes people so angry in that neighborhood, but it seems they don’t like the skateboarding very much.

Fake Gary has the best poses of any stray cat I’ve ever known. Someone needs to take him home (Stemper). On the right John Rockafellow does an Old Dude Night backside tailslide into the bank. Cream City has some new stuff to skate, which I didn’t think to take pictures of. Good job, me.

Pat claimed he was too sore from the jumping off the stupid loading dock to do this Sal flip fakie, but Tim and I insisted. Pat always claims he’s retired the ‘ol Sal Flip, but whenever you can get him stoked enough he’ll whip one out on command. (He loves to whip it out on command.) In fact, I made him bust out at least eight of them before I got a photo I liked. Thanks, Pizzy!

Here’s some bonus news stories that I bookmarked and then never bothered to talk about on the site:
A Dream Come True – Monkeys that ride on capybaras? It’s like someone stole the dreams right out of my brains.
Happy Chewy – Chewbacca fondles Marilyn Monroe then evades capture. He probably just assumed it was ok due to past experiences.
Armless driver eludes police chase – “He is one of the best drivers I’ve ever seen in my life, ” said Lee Michie, a longtime acquaintance. “But he’s the worst person I’ve ever met.”
Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops – Another dream stolen from my brain.

Lastly, Munz has been killing it on tha Plat. I wish we could say the same.