Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?

Let me breathe a sigh of relief here….Platinum Seagulls has finally accepted their invitation into the Triumvirate. That was a stressful week, let me tell you. The fear of being snubbed was running high, and was even mentioned by Sam of Dudes in an email to me. Later that day, there was meeting in the corporate boardroom talking of MN alternates. and were both in the running, but they had no doings in the video clip that brought us together in the first place, so it couldn’t be. We can’t forget our roots guys! Thanks again to Ben Vance’s Kickflip Bs 50-50, without it we would be nothing.

I wonder if our brothers at Dudes know that if you try to visit their site without the “www” in the address, a wrinkle in the space time continuum brings you to an old version of their site last updated in May. Confounding!

I also have to extend a big thanks to wiskate’s local mystery man, the Robust Carn. He so graciously supplied me with the surprisingly hard to find Revenge of the Nerds and Karate Kid soundtracks. Without these, I really doubt I could get pumped enough to make it through the average work day. Carn, you really are “The Best Around”!!!!