The Demon

Evil comes in many forms. Some of the most notible evils include (but are not limited to) people like Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, [link=]Estelle Getty[/link] and this guy;

possibly the most evil being to roam the earth since the [link=]Kraken[/link] from Clash of the Titans. And it’s not just his dancing, but the song he chooses to torture our ears with. [link=]”We Like to Party”[/link] by the Venga Boys. A song truly spawned from the bowels of hell itself.
He has quite a following of minions to do his evil bidding. Here is just a small [link=]sample[/link] of the weak minded fools that have succumbed to his power.
I, being part of the newly formed Triumvirate, am declaring war against this nary-do-well. Stopping for nothing until he has been erased from this earth.
Old man dancing: beware; the Triumvirate will be getting totally awesome all over your weak ass! (I just hope that the Dudes with Attitudes and Platinum Seagulls are up to the challenge.)