I have a new friend and his name is orange worm. It was very hard to stray away from my friend the white worm but the orange worm killed the scene. Once I got that orange worm in the water it was doomsday for the Bass. First cast, orange worm=Big Ol’ Bass. A good trick to catch these Bad Ass Bass is once the worm lands in your strike zone let it sit for a second and then start reeling in. Once the Bass hits, lower your rod then pull up fiercely for a good hook set. Always remember to have your drag set how you want it before you cast because to loose of drag will be a poor hook set and too tight of drag the line could snap. If the water is clear use a lighter pound test line. The fish see that shit and if its too thick you are gonna catch less fish. With smaller lures you are also gonna get better action with a thinner line. Well, I hoped these tips helped and if you are looking for a good fishing website check out [link][/link]