The Other Side of the Tracks.

It’s pretty funny how blatantly obvious it is that Dom wants to be part of the Triumvirate gang. It’s like the kid that wants something super super bad, but their mom won’t give it to them, so they pull the old “WELL I DON’T WANT IT ANYWAY” plan for an attempt at beginner’s reverse psychology. Dom, sorry man, your plan isn’t going to work! Looks like you’re stuck with your weak ass Bi(curious)umvirate with I know it’s everyone’s dream to be awesome like the Triumvirate, but sorry man, it’s just not for you!

I think what the Triumvirate really needs is a Rhinelander sister ship site. You know, covering the hot Rhinelander, Wisconsin skating/Hodag scene. All the latest updates and Hodag video clips. Maybe even some bass fishing tips. Any takers? Sam, we’ll have to incorporate the Hodag into the crest somehow, I’ll leave that up to you. Here is an example of the mythical beast:

In case you were not familiar with the Hodag, here are some Hot Hodag Fun Facts:
First Appearance – 1896.
Discovered By – Gene Shepard, Rhinelander pioneer and timber cruiser.
Resides – Oneida County, Wisconsin.
Length – 7 Feet.
Height – 30 Inches.
Weight – 2 Metric Tons.
Hair – Black and Wirey.
Tusks – Check.
Razor Sharp Claws – Check.
Spiny Backbone – Check.

A captured Hodag, as seen in an undated file photo.