Bears: The Ultimate Players of The Animal Kingdom

My friend Pat Murphy is really excited about that new Disney movie about bears. It just so happens I am too. Here’s a post we put together, dedicated to our favorite animal!

bssmithskyhiledgeweb bstailslideorangebobanwebMatt “Kodiak” Nordness, One of the two largest Bears. Feels nothing but enjoyment while showing his dominance over his prey. Bs Smith/Bs Tailslide

vincebs50fs180domeswebVince “Qinling Panda” Stranc, A generally smaller species of Panda Bear, but is known for his quick agile skill set when he needs it most. Bs 50-50 Fs 180

kickflipwardbumpwebBrett “Polar Bear” Weinstein, An overly aggressive species that is easily angered. This species is known for making the most out of it’s surroundings. Kickflip

boardslidebayviewhiweb ollie3rdwardbenchwebMax “Giant Panda” Murphy, A Playful Bear, but is highly capable of anything he puts his mind too. Boardslide for the Lutz/Ollie

stemp180nggermanDanny “Himalayan Brown Bear” Stemper, Thought to be the source of the legendary Yeti. Known to show it’s aggressiveness even when unprovoked. Fs 180 Nosegrind

fakieollie4thwebChase “Koala Bear” Hopper, A very smart bear, becomes more agile and creative as it gets closer to it’s later years. Fakie Ollie

lawyeruptshacfTyler “Kermode Bear” Schaffer, One of the only white bears still left in the black bear family. Lawyer up, bro.