Betrayed in the Octagon

In December I got a new HD camera, Panasonic AG-AC30 with a built in led light. My old Sony hd cam was great but half way filming ‘Delirium Tremens’ the touchscreen LCD monitor went out, disabling my ability to manually change my settings (luckily, my stuck settings were set ok), but I kept filming with it including ‘Hank’. After doing some research I chose the Panasonic(which reminds me of a light weight version of the Sony VX2100 but HD, better mic, no tapes, etc) which was released around 2016. Excited to use it I started filming at Cream City with friends, made two edits, and decided to make one more…’Betrayed in the Octagon’

Betrayed in the Octagon from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

For some reason, I always watch ‘The Color of Money’ every winter season. That inspired me to use the clip of Paul Newman mentioning Vincent and Vince Stranc starting the montage out (and of course I used a song from the film as well). That process got the ball rolling when it came to the montages in this edit.

I always wanted to use another track from PIL and I felt Taylor (tavis), Josh, Stemper, and Rock went well with the track ‘Swan Lake’. *I filmed Josh do a half cab heel on the pyramid three times but being the amateur that I am I must’ve erased it somehow trying to figure out the new Panasonic capturing Final Cut Pro process. I was bummed out about it naturally just like any other filmer but he later said “ahh, no one wants to see that”. I immediately felt better haha.

And finally Gag, Sleepy, and Max (honestly, I didn’t think he’d be skating that soon after brazzing his hand washing dishes) go well with Wu at Cream City. Ever since Wu-Tang Forever came out I wanted to use ‘Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours’. The song wasn’t long enough so I mixed in some Tical in there…

Bill Kaschner is the main reason Cream City is there and why it’s the greatest place on Earth. So I used some clips of him shredding during the early stages of cream to the present. And of course Stella completes the whole package deal.

Okay, gotta go…I’ve been watching ‘Sicario’ while typing this post. Benicio is about to get his revenge…adios amigos!