Film School – Detention

Shot (mostly) in 2017 on super 8. A few video clips from 2018 crept in there. The follow up to Film School from 2010.

John Rockafellow
Max Murphy
Pat Murphy
Nick Mistele
Eric Risser
Mikey Al-Wathiqui
Chase Hopper
Drew Rickaby
Bradford Bishop
Vince Stranc
Pat Forster
Neal Erickson
Payne Counihan
Gabe Chan
James Brickner
Harald Reynolds
Jacob Mumford
Danny Stemper
Rory Morgan
Sean Hanley
Matt Nordness
Ryan Walters
John Mcguire

I also made a zine that (sort of) covered the creation of the film. All photos were shot on film and developed in my bathroom. A few of these might’ve been on the site before, but many were not.

Max Murphy – Ledge Ride

Jimmy Brickner – Crook Pop Over

Jimmy Brickner – Ollie

Vince Stranc – Hurricane & Max Murphy – Nosegrind Bs 180

Put Murphy – Wallie Boardslide

Nick Mistele – Backside Noseblunt

Nick Mistle – Backside 180 Nosegrind

Nick Mistele – Wallride

Max Murphy – Naughty Car Ride

Max Murphy – Various 50-50s

Max Murphy – Lipslide

Max Murphy – Crooked Grind

Matt Nordness – Wallride and Backside 50-50

Eric Risser – No Comply Pole Jam

Mikey Al-Wathiqui – Into the Void