Binge Bear

Louisville day 2 was a day filled with skateboarding and not much else.

We started the day off pretty early, relatively speaking. We were staying downtown, so we hit up some of the spots we knew by the river and even found some new stuff we hadn’t known about.

Lots of Gary fans on this excursion.

Roger is not a Gary fan, so he had to stay outside of the hotel room per lodging regulations.

We then met up with some locals that took us to this really cool spot. The crew was deep.

Tj Bohach – Wallride Melon Grab Fakie. I wish I took more skating photos here, but like always, I was filming.

Roger had a fantastic time climbing the concrete waves.

So did these flannel clad fellows.

Here’s one of those dude vs. architecture things for size comparison.

One of the better spots I’ve been to in my days on this planet. Max did this hurricane grind like nine times in a row. Once for video, eight more times just because. Or maybe my flashes were being retarded so I kept asking him to do it. Tj also got pretty horny here but again, filming.

We skated a few more pretty good spots, one of which Sam became the MVP of the day at on a cruiser board with like nine inch wide trucks on it. The King Cobra was well deserved.

Pizzy was asleep mere minutes after this photograph was taken. Or maybe that was me.