Buns, Buns, Who Got The Buns?

It takes quite a bit to bum me out. Maybe some unkind words, and punch to the sack or something that I ate that made me spray some burning 50/50. Today, I had a video viewing experience that bummed me out worse than shooting hot mud. I don’t want to mention any names or even call out the entire video because it actually has some really good skating in it, but the thing that bummed me out was this hippy revival thing going on. The tye dye shirts and the 60’s and 70’s soundtrack is really busted and I just don’t get it. Why co-opt a culture you know nothing about? Tired of the Ramones look? Anyway, it led to a discussion as to what might be the next awesome trend skateboarding dips it’s feet in for six months.

It might be a little too high class for the aggressive skateboarder type, but this look would get you noticed not only by the ladies, but by the gentlemen as well.

Speaking of getting noticed by the gentlemen, this fashion just screams “I’m ready to rip anything!” including the lining of your colon. Wait, didn’t skateboarders already dabble in this style? Either way, this shit is tighter than a first timer to the Castro.

Fuck man, the day I see someone skating in a get-up like this will be the best day of my life. Honestly. A penis gourd? Amazing. Besides the obvious overall awesomeness of this look, it has to be the most dangerous thing to skate in. That gourd would be slapping you in the face every time you jumped down anything (if you are lucky enough to be well endowed like me). But I say fuck it, go for it. And send me a picture, it would make my pathetic life worthwhile if even for a few lolz.

Face paint, tight shorts, fringe and a whole bunch of oil combined with a ridiculous haircut (which you already have) makes for a great look. If it were me, I would go for the Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka steez. I’m not really proud of my gut and his sash covers the midsection nicely.

This outfit shouldn’t just be for Halloween. I love these dudes and I would love it even more if I saw a bunch of kids skating a spot wearing these jumpsuits fully equipped with the proton pack and ghost traps. Oh, and you would need the Egon hairstyle and glasses, of course. What would be even radder? Kids skating around in these outfits alongside a group of kids skating in quadruple extra large white shirts. Unheralded.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what culture gets adopted. I hope it’s not the early ninety’s. It was bad enough the first time around.

Oh, you think I’m done? Not even close. I have a grip of new pictures for you clones to feast your eyes on.

How long do you keep a pair of shoes? Two months? Five months? A week? How about 3 years? Just ask Neal about his Bucky Lasek Genetics he bought in 2005. Talk about stretching a dollar, I’ve seen him recently wear shirts he’s had since high school. And keep in mind he’s coming up on his 20th high school reunion.

It doesn’t stop him from stalling street plants in the street in front of our house.

Josh has been bitching at me to put up this photo since five minutes after I took it. He has always wanted to be able to slipfoot with the best of them and it only took riding a crappy Variflex to make those dreams a reality. I think facing north helped. You know, ollie north? Get it? Guh!

We did some photo shoot for some magazine or something, keep an eye out for it. This is what Neal wore. Another contender for a future skateboarding trend. And who do we have on the right? Gary! He’s still kickin’ it and bumming everyone out. I love him for it.

Later nerds.