But Daddy, I Don’t Understand English!

I love how spring teases us with days like these. By tomorrow it will all be over – for now.

Today was great though. Got some new contacts, which means I was able to skate again (I cant skate in glasses, that shit sucks) and I was also able to ride my bike outside without bundling up and freezing my ass off. The Wiskate stickers arrived and looked great. Thanks Ryan. We love you. Josh came home from work and we had a flatground session in front of the house and played a game of skate. Stemper called and wanted to get out there and thrash a bit, too. We skated a few spots, Stemper got a couple tricks on tape and we picked up Lord Cru to head out to Cream City to skate some more. Josh had a crap attack from the McDonald’s we ate earlier. Lord Cru claimed three in one. Stemper spun tales of two in one with no wash in between. Josh and I joined the rock to fakie hall of fame on the “punk bank” (which is not a bank at all). Josh even did his on the new Zip Zinger he set up today. Captain switch frontside rocked that thing like the champ he is. The big four is almost there and looking great thanks to the hard work being put in by Roebke and Brian. Cream City is still the best place on earth. Make sure you go there at least 5 days a week.

I have tomorrow off again. If anyone wants to skate, I am totally down.

Happy picture fun time for you!

This is a regular afternoon for Josh. Get home from work, take Molly outside and then snuggle up with some felines and watch Star Trek Voyager. What a happy family.

I was working all weekend, but every time I was at home we had a house full of people. This is a very special guest watching a very special video. Lord Cru claimed it was a snowboard video or something. Pretty sneaky. But that’s Cru for you; always stirring things up.

I don’t know who this is, but I found it on the internet. My dream girl!

Elliot is top cat of the house. Gary is a total fucker. Sometimes cats play!

That’s all for now.

Later nerds.